All-in-One Printer

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One printer for all your third party food delivery orders. Helps improve your restaurant rankings in each platform by auto-accepting all orders, eliminating tablets and employee error, and allowing you to add more delivery services to your business. Product highlights include:

  • 3-inch POS printer

  • Simple, Sleek, Compact, Connected

  • Set up as a LAN

  • Connect to multiple peripherals

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Print orders on demand and eliminate human error!

Printer Features

Auto Accept Orders

Auto accepts orders from 3rd party delivery services.

EASY Onboarding & Activation

Quick and easy onboarding & activation process.


Print all of your third party delivery services orders in ONE printer.

Ethernet Connection Plug

Ethernet connection plug  & play to port  of the printer.

Detailed Receipt

Detailed receipt with all the necessary information.


30 day money back guarantee to ensure your complete satisfaction.

Printer Receipt Details

How to Install Printer

Install Paper & Remove Back Panel

Install printer paper by opening front panel of the printer (click down on the button on the top left). Be sure to insert printer paper face up (see image inside of printer when opened). Then remove back panel by gently pulling on the top sides of the plastic piece.

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Plug in Cables & Push Power Button

Plug the power cable into your printer (DC 24V) port and electrical power outlet. Plug the ethernet cable into your printer (LAN) and ethernet port outlet. Reattach plastic back panel with inside prongs facing downward. Then PUSH POWER button on the front top right of printer.

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Check Lights & Get Receipt

Blue and Green lights should appear (top front) if everything is successful. A receipt should print with  instructions and a Pairing Code. Follow instructions on receipt.

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but don't forget...

In order to successfully activate this printer you must purchase the OrderOut software subscription first.

Third Party Integrations

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a monthly cost associated?

Yes. The All-in-One Kitchen Printer is paired with the OrderOut Subscription service that starts at $59/mo.

Learn more about our subscription service.

Do you offer financing?

But of course. We have partnered with Sezzle to offer financing in the form of 4 interest-free payments.

Will this printer work without a POS?

Yes! The All-in-One Kitchen Printer works with Clover POS on the Cloud, Tabit, Pax, and more but it ALSO works for restaurants that do not have a POS integration.

Can I connect my own printer and just use the service?

Indeed you can! You can use the OrderOut subscription service without using the All-in-One Printer. Learn more about our subscription service.