OrderOut Launches Cloud-Based Food-Delivery Service Compatible Kitchen Printer


June 24, 2019

OrderOut, best known for their revolutionary third-party food delivery service integrations, announces the launch of a new product: an inventive UberEats, DoorDash, Postmates and Grubhub compatible printer. This cloud-based kitchen printer stays true to OrderOut’s mission to simplify and streamline the third-party food delivery process for restaurants. With all the same expertise, the all-new cloud kitchen printer by OrderOut was designed to be much more inclusive, yet comparably effective in boosting revenue from top food delivery platforms.

Prior to the release of the cloud kitchen printer, those using various point-of-sale systems or none at all were still unable to integrate and optimize third-party food delivery orders. Instead, they were stuck using a different food delivery tablet for each service, where they would manually enter each order into their existing POS after it reached the tablet, or carrying the tablet around the busy kitchen. Since many restaurants are partnered with various platforms, like DoorDash, UberEats, Postmates and Grubhub, they must account for orders received on multiple tablets throughout even the busiest hours. This is a feat that even top restaurants struggle to reach without an UberEats printer and one that integrates all the other top food delivery services.

This is because food delivery tablets create problems across the board, from restaurant staff members to delivery drivers and ultimately, to less than satisfied customers. They can create a chaotic environment and the delays may elicit bad reviews. Each factor decreases a restaurant’s financial success and prompt owners to reconsider their third-party food delivery partnerships. The OrderOut Cloud Kitchen Printer enables any restaurant using third party food delivery to immediately have a solution to the tablet nightmare and operational woes. Whether they are outdated, have a small user base or a difficult interface, OrderOut’s new cloud Postmates compatible printer remedies the situation by bypassing the POS and sending all these orders directly to one kitchen printer.

This means orders can be prepared instantly. While it certainly avoids the delay between an order being received on a tablet and then being entered manually into a POS to reach the kitchen, it also prevents other hang ups. Staff members are free to attend to in-house patrons without distraction and it drastically reduces the risk of human error during order entry. Because the order is sent straight to the OrderOut Cloud Kitchen Printer, it is received exactly as the customer ordered it.

Because the printer is cloud-based, restaurants can partner with multiple food delivery services to maximize their revenue without any added stress. Whether a restaurant prefers to use the product solely as a Postmates printer, a Grubhub printer or they want to merge the services and have a fully compatible printer with all the third party food delivery services, it is impressively simple with OrderOut. Not to mention, this is a perfect solution for actual cloud kitchens and ghost kitchens. Restaurants can also access beneficial reporting/data and analytics to determine which food delivery service is their best performer. This information is easily accessible through the web-browser enabled, virtual OrderOut dashboard.

Searching for a Postmates, DoorDash, GrubHub or UberEats compatible printer for your restaurant’s kitchen? Join the OrderOut revolution and #86theTablets today.

main image by: https://pixabay.com/photos/kitchen-work-restaurant-cook-chef-731351/