How Restaurants Can Benefit from Third-Party Food Delivery Services


April 23, 2020

Offering food delivery for your restaurant can provide major upside to your operation. This makes sense for restaurants that are situated in an urban or suburban area where most patrons are within a few miles, although it requires training and maintaining delivery staff. Those in rural areas, especially, find that a large portion of their clientele is situated outside of a delivery radius that makes financial sense for the business. A simple solution for restaurants in all locales is to turn to third-party food delivery services. Services like UberEats, Grubhub, Postmates and DoorDash are rapidly expanding their availability around the globe, even in these rural areas, and the benefits are impressive:

1. Draw in New Clients

Over the next five years, it is expected that around 25% of all restaurant sales will occur through digital ordering. These third-party food delivery service platforms are first and foremost convenient for customers. They simply download the app (or visit using a web browser) of their preferred service, enter their delivery location and they are free to browse all the restaurants that service their area. Users can search by restaurant name, cuisine type or even by a restaurant’s popularity and ratings. This means increased visibility and the potential for drawing in new clients who may have otherwise been unaware of the restaurant.

2. Integrate Orders with Your Clover POS

As one of the most popular Point of Sale systems, Clover also has specific apps for restaurants in their App Market. The most useful of these Clover apps for restaurants using a food delivery service is the OrderOut app. Available through the Clover App Market, you can set OrderOut up in just minutes. Afterwards, you can begin to seamlessly integrate these delivery orders with your existing Clover POS system. No more tablets and your staff doesn’t have to manually input each order into the Clover POS! This is the most efficient and least expensive way to begin accepting third-party delivery orders directly into your POS.

3. Fewer Order Mistakes

Nothing is worse for a restaurant owner than to hear of less than satisfactory experiences at their establishment. One of the biggest complaints from restaurant patrons is one that is easily avoidable: order mistakes. Whether the patron ordered their dish without onions or with extra mayo, your customers want their orders exactly as they ordered them. By partnering with a third-party food delivery service, your entire menu is presented to customers in an interactive menu. They can easily customize their dishes and the order can be sent straight to your Clover POS system through OrderOut. This eliminates the element of human error when taking orders, so that your customers can focus on how delicious their meal is instead of a simple mistake.

4. No Need to Train Delivery Staff

When you partner with a third-party food delivery service, there is no need to pay, train and maintain delivery staff. The company you partner with will handle all aspects of recruiting, training and paying delivery drivers. Likewise, clients are encouraged to review each driver through their respective platform to provide feedback on the experience. If a driver is not meeting expectations, the third-party service will handle retraining or termination as needed. In most cases, drivers need to maintain a specified quality level to remain active on the platform.

5. No Delivery Bags or Transportation Necessary

From those iconic pizza delivery bags to smaller thermal ones, your food delivery partners and drivers are equipped with their own bags and transportation. Your restaurant simply places the food in your traditional takeout containers and the third-party service and driver handle the rest.

Want to partner with a third-party food delivery service? Consider adding the OrderOut app to your Clover POS system to streamline the process of receiving orders. Schedule a demo today!