Grubhub Integration with Clover Point-of-Sale (POS)


October 28, 2019

Grubhub is one of the leading online and mobile third-party food delivery services in the nation. Available on the Google Play Store, iTunes and online, Grubhub is easily one of the most recognizable names in the industry. This is largely due to an extensive network, which consists of 105,000 restaurant partnerships in over 2,000 cities in the United States and London. Likewise, Grubhub boasts some impressive chain restaurant partners, including Taco Bell, Pizza Hut, Subway and White Castle, among others. These strategic partnerships make Grubhub a top choice for diners and has led to an aggressive level of growth for the company in recent years. So, what does this mean for your local restaurant with a Clover POS?

If your restaurant is already partnered with Grubhub, you have likely noted increased visibility, improved sales and enhanced customer satisfaction. These are all excellent for your restaurant’s bottom line, but you may find that managing this new stream of orders has led to chaos in the kitchen or among staff. This is not a cause to reconsider your partnership with Grubhub, however, simply a sign that you need to integrate Grubhub with Clover. Here’s why:

Most restaurants that are partnered with Grubhub, or other notable food-delivery services, rely on tablets to receive orders from diners. These tablets are completely separate from the restaurant’s Clover POS system. This means that when orders are received, a staff member must manually enter the order into the system before it is sent to the kitchen printer. Here is how a transaction unfolds with a food delivery tablet system:

1. Staff members are distracted with in-house diners.

2. The tablet is checked several minutes after it has “chimed” to indicate that a Grubhub order has been received.

3. The staff member must then manually enter the order into the Clover POS; increasing the odds of an error in the order.

4. Kitchen staff can only begin to fulfill the order after the staff member has entered it into the Clover POS.

5. The order is completed, 15 minutes later than anticipated, which throws off the delivery driver’s schedule.

6. The delivery driver arrives at the patron’s home, 20 minutes late and with an order that includes onions, when they specified “no onions”.

7. The customer is disappointed with the experience, gives the driver a lower than anticipated tip and leaves a bad review for the restaurant.

This leaves a lot to be desired on all ends of the transaction and the problems only get worse when your staff members must manage multiple tablets for numerous food delivery services. The simple solution is to streamline the entire process by integrating Grubhub with Clover. When the two are integrated, Grubhub orders are sent straight to your Clover POS and can be prepared immediately. This sounds like an expensive investment, but your Clover POS is already equipped with everything you need to get started. Through the Clover app market, you can find an array of Clover apps for restaurants to customize your system. While many are helpful for managing rewards programs or employee scheduling, there is only one that can integrate top food delivery services with Clover: OrderOut.

Installing OrderOut is as easy as downloading an app on the Clover App Market. Grubhub integration with Clover happens in a matter of seconds after installation and there is no additional equipment required. Perhaps best of all, integrating Clover and Grubhub makes your food delivery tablets obsolete. OrderOut is not exclusive to Grubhub, however, and is able to merge other top food delivery services, like UberEats, Postmates and DoorDash with Clover. This means that all your food delivery orders are sent directly to the Clover POS and kitchen printer to create a drastically improved experience for everyone involved. Additionally, OrderOut is equipped with advanced analytics so that you can determine your top performing food delivery service, as well as top menu items.

Want to eliminate food delivery tablets from your establishment? Join the revolution today with OrderOut.